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I. Botany/History A. Scientific Name B. Family B. Growth Habit

       C. Origin, development, key people

II. Uses (pots, cut flowers, bulbs, bedding plants, etc.)

III. Propagation A. Sexual B. Asexual

IV. Growing/Flowering A. Light (e.g. photosynthesis, photoperiodic responses) B. Temperature (recommended/necessary for different growth stages or growth regulation) C. Water D. Nutrition E. Media/Potting/Planting F. Atmosphere G. Growth Regulation (chemical, environmental, etc.)

V. Special Considerations (special timing or growing techniques, idiosyncraces, etc.)

VI Disorders A. Insect B. Disease C. Physiological

VII. Marketing and Grading 1. Areas of production in U.S. 2. Specific dates or holidays if applicable

VIII. Postharvest Handling

IX. Cultivars

X. References