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2. First [[seed]]ling leaf or leaves.<br><br>
2. First [[seed]]ling leaf or leaves.<br><br>
http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Agronomy/Weeds/PScotyledon.jpg <br><br>
http://cf.ydcdn.net/ <br><br>
Pennsylvania Smartweed showing the cotyledons.<br>
Diagram of germinating bean seed.<br>
Source: http://www.uky.edu/Ag/Agronomy/Weeds/ps_-_cotyledon1.htm<br><br>
Source: http://www.yourdictionary.com/cotyledon<br><br>

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1. The leaf or leaves of the embryo, also called seed leaves.
2. First seedling leaf or leaves.


Diagram of germinating bean seed.
Source: http://www.yourdictionary.com/cotyledon