Easter Lily

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Scientific name: Lilium longiflorum Thunb.

I. Botany/History - (Scientific Name, Family, Growth Habit, Origin, development, key people)

Family: Liliaceae. Growth Habit: Perennial from bulb. Origin: Native habitat - Southern Japanese and neighboring islands ≈ latitude 30° N (New Orleans). Horticultural development:

II. Uses - (pots, cut flowers, bulbs, bedding plants, etc.)

III. Propagation - (Sexual, Asexual)

IV. Growing/Flowering - (Light - photosynthesis, photoperiodic responses; Temperature (recommended/necessary for different growth stages or growth regulation); Water; Nutrition; Media/Potting/Planting; Atmosphere; Growth Regulation (chemical, environmental, etc.)

V. Special Considerations - (special timing or growing techniques, idiosyncraces, etc.)

VI Disorders - (Insect; Disease; Physiological)

VII. Marketing and Grading - (Areas of production in U.S.; Specific dates or holidays if applicable)

VIII. Postharvest Handling

IX. Cultivars

X. References